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​​​​​​In the world of sitar, David Pontbriand is a rare exception to the rule.  Almost entirely self-taught, since 1973, he has developed an intuitive and emotive approach that is deeply personal, and yet classical in style. His original and spontaneous compositions for sitar are freely interpretive, and yet rooted in the traditional ragas of North Indian Classical music. 

David is dedicated to raising awareness of the instrument, and the genre of music for which it was created. In addition to regular public and private recitals, he teaches private lessons and presents lecture demonstrations for schools and other organizations. 

Recent recording projects, Om Rasa, Sitar Dreams, Sitar-Rhythmia,Inner Spaces, and Rosean feature new and original music for the instrument.

A short film by Chris Giamo

A production of Isle Kind

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​​ David Pontbriand Arts      American Sitarist  -  American Painter