Inner Spaces is a limited edition solo sitar recording. There are two tracks entitled "Immersion" and "Emergence", at this time available only from the artist.  

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Sitar Dreams  is a limited edition release consisting of 4 solo tracks, for sitar and surbahar. Available only from the artist.

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 David Pontbriand Arts      American Sitarist  -  American Painter

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On a warm early October night in 2011, at a private Portland studio, Sitar-Rhythmia convened for a 5-hour session of free improvisation. A full length CD, and digital, release of material culled from this historic session is in preparation.

Rosean    (rose-ee-un)  is a limited edition sitar recording.  "Light" and "Wind" are solo pieces.  "Echo" features added percussion  and atmospherics.  Available, at this time, only from the artist.      For information email:

Raga Fission  features 6 tracks byOm Rasa. David Pontbriand performs original works for sitar and surbahar, with south Indian percussion by Shawn Russell on kanjira and ghatam.  Available in CD form, and various digital download formats, from  CD-Baby.  Also find on  iTunes.

​​ David Pontbriand Arts      American Sitarist  -  American Painter